My wonderful bailiff, Ceneca Valdez
Office of Violence Against Women Krista Blakeney-Mitchell
Office of Violence Against Women Director Katie Sullivan
JEN colleagues from across the USA
Florida Judicial College mock trial faculty team
Miami judicial colleagues at KidSide event
NCJFCJ President-elect Dan Michael
National Council of Juvenile and Family Court Judges
Presenting on domestic violence
Presenting in Tennessee
Therapy dog at the courthouse provides stress relief for litigants
Judicial colleagues Beryl Anderson, Andrew Crecca, Ron Adrine and Jeannie Hong at NCJFCJ meeting
Judges Paul Kawasaki and Lance Ito, Takashi Hoshizaki at Heart Mountain
Miami colleagues Spencer Multack and DJ Cannava
Cyber-stalking curriculum committee
Judges Victoria Ferrer and Tanya Brinkley at EVAWI
On the bench
Judge Rosemary Collins and Leslye Orloff
Adria Villaverde, Kathleen Tailer, Judge Bill Altfield, Susan Proctor and Eugene Carral at EVAWI
Judges Jason Dimitris and Gordon Murray, Professor Mary Anne Franks
Presenting on domestic violence
Hosting Honey Shine students and teaching about how the court works
Pebbles-Facility dog in training.